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Atlantic Thread Herring Fishing

Atlantic Thread Herring Fishing Article

NJ Officers Net 8 for Illegall Herring Take

Capping a lengthy undercover investigation, Conservation Officers with the Department of Environmental Protectionís Division of Fish and Wildlife have cited eight people for illegally taking and selling river herring from South Jersey waters. Fishermen are allowed to take up to 35 herring per day, but are not allowed to possess more than 35 herring at one time, or sell herring, unless they hold certain commercial fishing licenses. Herring are anadromous fish, meaning they live in saltwater, but return to fresh water to spawn in the spring. In recent years, herring migrations have precipitously declined, raising concern and...
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Atlantic Thread Herring Fish Species Information

Scientific Fish Name: Opisthonema oglinum
Other Fish Species Names:
Regions Fished: Found in shallow waters and harbors along the coasts of the western Atlantic Ocean, from Cape Cod down to Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico.
World Record:
Common Tackle:
Additional Information:

It feeds mainly on plankton, but also takes small fish and crustaceans and is sometimes confused with the scaled sardine, Harengula jaguana, by anglers.

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