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Barramundi Fishing

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Barramundi Fishing Article

Barramundi Fishing in Thailand

Firstly, I have to admit my ignorance, when I was told that there were Barramundi in Thailand I was very surprised. Thinking they were only native to Australia, it was pointed out to me that these fish in fact populate many freshwater lakes throughout Asia. So I went along to Bor Num Lake with a friend of mine (John); who is also a keen angler and has been living in Bangkok for over thirteen years. The lake is actually called Bor Num Barramundi fishing park, and the ticket for the day cost 100 Thai baht (approx 2 British pounds or 3 US dollars), excellent value for money. It is possible to hire spinning rods and tackle for an additional 100 baht...
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Barramundi Fish Species Information

Scientific Fish Name: Lates calcarifer
Other Fish Species Names:
Regions Fished: Widely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific region from the Persian Gulf, through Southeast Asia to Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia.
World Record:
Common Tackle:
Additional Information:

Barramundi are a salt and freshwater sportfish, targeted by many. They have large silver scales, which may become darker or lighter, depending on their environment.

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