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Burbot Fishing

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Fish: Burbot
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Utah Burbot Bash
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Abel Garcia
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BFT Burbot Bash
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Burbot Fishing Article

Burbot Unwanted Resident In Flaming Gorge Res

This Utah fishing report is all about Burbot: they're ugly and they're not wanted in Flaming Gorge, but they're feeling quite cozy in their new home. Burbot, a fish angler's generally consider as a "junkfish" is a freshwater fish related to cod and looks a lot like an eel, with a mouth full of very tenatious teeth. It is commonly found in streams and lakes of North America above the 40°N latitude. And Burbot were recently illegally introduced into the Green River drainage in Wyoming, which is how they've recently made their way into the Gorge. Although nearly every sport fisherman consideres them "trash", there was a day...
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Burbot Fish Species Information

Scientific Fish Name: Lota lota
Other Fish Species Names: lawyer, eelpout
Regions Fished: common in streams and lakes of North America and Europe
World Record: Lake Athapapuskow, Manitoba 22 pounds 8 ounces and measured 42 1/2 inches long
Common Tackle:
Additional Information:

The burbot is edible. In Finland, its roe is sold as caviar. There is an annual spearfishing tournament held near Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. One of the highlights of the tournament is the fish-fry where the day's catch is served up deep-fried. It may be of interest to note that burbot meat when cooked tastes very similar to the American lobster (Homarus americanus). Hence, other times referred to as "poor man's lobster."

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