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California Yellowtail Fishing

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Fish: California Yellowtail
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California Yellowtail Fishing Article

Southern Cal Yellowtail

We all agree. The yellowtail is the most revered sportfish in our local waters. Southern California anglers will chase them anywhere in any watercraft available including float tubes. Trolling fishermen have been seen in fragile 14 foot aluminum boats 8-10 miles off shore in pursuit of the "yellows". Sportboats up and down the coast go out of their way both fuel wise and time wise to locate a suspected or reported school of "tails". Yellowtail counts in the local newspapers increases business for the sportfishing landings in southern California harbors. Yes! When the tails make their showing in the southland the charisma they bring is absolute...
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California Yellowtail Fish Species Information

Scientific Fish Name: Seriola lalandi
Other Fish Species Names: yellowtail, yellow
Regions Fished: Circumglobal, in subtropical waters, and with a series of disjunct poplulations. Indo-Pacific: South Africa, Walter Shoals, Amsterdam Island, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Hawaii, Rapa, Pitcairn Island, and Easter Island. Eastern Pacific:
World Record:
Common Tackle:
Additional Information:

The only jack without scutella on the caudal peduncle. Dark blue dorsally and almost white ventrally; with a well defined line of demarcation between the two colors.

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