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Dolly Varden Fishing

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Dolly Varden Fishing Article

October Dreaming

This is a fantastic time to angle for both steelhead and coho salmon plus resident Cutthroat, Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden Char in northwest British Columbia Canada. Let’s talk about the Coho salmon first. You too can make this dream a reality if you come here to angle for these beautiful salmon. When hooked they jump, roll and tumble, wrapping themselves up in you line, like a pretty package. The rolling and tumbling is a Coho characteristic! The Americans know them as “silvers”....but we call them “Yo Ho”...the Coho!. The Skeena river and its many tributaries are fortunate to have many large runs of these “silver” beauties. The first...
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Dolly Varden Fish Species Information

Scientific Fish Name: Salvelinus malma malma
Other Fish Species Names: Varden trout
Regions Fished: coastal waters of the North Pacific from Puget Sound to the Alaska Peninsula and into the eastern Aleutians, along the Bering Sea and the Arctic Sea to the Mackenzie River. It is known as "Belyi golets" in Russian
World Record:
Common Tackle:
Additional Information:

It appears that the first recorded use of the Dolly Varden name to refer to a species of fish, was to S. confluentus, now commonly known as the bull trout. This was likely due to over-lapping ranges and similar appearances among members of the two species.

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