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Gag Fishing

Gag Fishing Article


Grouper, being one of the most prized fish in our Gulf of Mexico, are excellent table fare and awesome fighters. The most common targeted species are gag, scamp and red grouper with the occasional elusive black sea bass, which is often mistaken as a black grouper. These grouper, along with their cousin the black sea bass, inhabit natural as well as artificial reefs, wrecks, offshore mounds and ledges on the sea floor. Grouper are best fished with live baits. Frozen sardines, squid, and cut baits work well but live squirrel fish and pinfish work best. So if you are serious and want the best catch, you will do whatever it takes...
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Gag Fish Species Information

Scientific Fish Name: Mycteroperca microlepis
Other Fish Species Names: Badèche baillou, Cuna aguají, Gag grouper
Regions Fished: Western Atlantic: North Carolina, USA (with juveniles occurring as far north as Massachusetts) to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Rare in Bermuda; one record in Cuba; also reported from eastern Brazil.
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Juveniles occur in estuaries and seagrass beds; adults are usually found offshore on rocky bottom (rarely to 152 m), occasionally inshore on rocky or grassy bottom. It is the most common grouper on rocky ledges in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Adults are either solitary or in groups of 5 to 50 individuals; feed mainly on fishes, some crabs, shrimps, and cephalopods. Juveniles (less than 20 cm) feed mainly on crustaceans that live in shallow grass beds.

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