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Gulf Flounder Fishing

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Fish: Gulf Flounder
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Dock Hopping Flounder
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John & Casey McDowell
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Gulf Flounder Fishing Article

Flounders Must Be Irish!

March 17 is a great day for the Irish and for the fisherman. The arrival of St. Patrick’s Day marks the official start of the fishing season in New York waters with the awakening of the flounders from their winter’s sleep. At this time in mid-March, the waters have usually warmed just enough to get the flounders moving in the deep muddy holes in which they have spent the winter months. To catch flounder at this early time in the season requires some knowledge of the bay bottom and the cooperation of mother nature. It is a necessity to be fishing in one of the deep over-wintering areas as the flounder will not move out into the shallows until...
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Gulf Flounder Fish Species Information

Scientific Fish Name: Paralichthys albigutta
Other Fish Species Names: panzablanca
Regions Fished: Western Atlantic: North Carolina to southern Florida, USA, northern Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico and western Caribbean to Colombia.
World Record:
Common Tackle:
Additional Information:

Found in bays, lagoons and shallow coastal waters. Inhabits mainly hard and sandy bottoms.

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