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Kawakawa Fishing

Kawakawa Fishing Article

Kawakawa may be IGFA Record

IGFA maintains and publishes world records for saltwater, freshwater, fly fishing catches, U.S. state freshwater records, and junior angler records, awarding certificates of recognition to each record holder. Recognized as the official keeper of world saltwater fishing records since 1939, IGFA entered the field of freshwater record keeping when Field & Stream transferred its 68 years of records to the association in 1978. World records coordinator Rebecca Wright provides monthly highlights of selected documented fish catches made from across the globe and submitted for world records. Below is a potential May world record now before the world...
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Kawakawa Fish Species Information

Scientific Fish Name: Euthynnus affinis
Other Fish Species Names: false albacore
Regions Fished: Indo-West Pacific: in warm waters including oceanic islands and archipelagos.
World Record:
Common Tackle:
Additional Information:

Remains close to the shoreline. A highly opportunistic predator feeding indiscriminately on small fishes, especially on clupeoids and atherinids; also on squids, crustaceans and zooplankton.

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