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Lingcod Fishing

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Fish: Lingcod
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Monster Lingcod
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Ling Cod 2015
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Dale S
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Lingcod Fishing Article

Those Incredible Zons

Nothing can match the ugliness of cabezon, not even ratfish, lizardfish, lingcod or sculpin. The name cabezon is derived from the Spanish word "cabeza" which means big head. In fact, theyhave massive heads with mouths full of minute teeth that look like a wire brush. Located deep in their throat is an organ meant for crushing crabs, clams, and anything else that ends up down there. Their fins are thick and fleshy, especially the pectorals whose fleshy spines extend like fingers past the soft rays. Lying in ambush they move around on the rocks and debris dragging themselves with their pectorals. They are incredibly strong jawed and can remove finger...
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Lingcod Fish Species Information

Scientific Fish Name: Ophiodon elongatus
Other Fish Species Names:
Regions Fished: North American west coast from Shumagin Islands in the Gulf of Alaska to Baja California, Mexico
World Record:
Common Tackle: Penn 8500SS, Seeker A870-7S, Mustad 3/0, 20# Big Game, live sardine.
Additional Information:

The lingcod is a popular eating fish, and is thus prized by anglers.

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