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Red Hind Fishing

Red Hind Fishing Article

High School Fishing

Park Falls, WI (May 18, 2018) – Will Simmons planned to be fishing by lunchtime; maybe just a little after. A transplanted crappie fisherman turned bass nut, and now coach of the Obion County Central High School (OCCHS) fishing team, Simmons was en route to his first fishing photoshoot. Together with Cody Gregory, a stand-out member of the OCCHS team, Simmons was on his way to meet with photographers and marketing execs for St. Croix Rods, who chose nearby Reelfoot Lake for the job at hand. Simmons and Gregory figured they’d knock out the shoot in a couple hours and be free to spend the evening casting for bass. How hard could it be? “We were...
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Red Hind Fish Species Information

Scientific Fish Name: Epinephelus guttatus
Other Fish Species Names:
Regions Fished: Western Atlantic: North Carolina, USA to Paraíba, Brazil
World Record:
Common Tackle:
Additional Information:

Found in shallow reefs and rocky bottoms. Usually solitary and territorial.

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