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Swordfish Fishing

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Swordfish Fishing Article

Swordfishing in Florida

During the Summer of 2000, I met up with a long time friend of mine, Joe Settembrino. Sitting in his living room the topic of fishing came up, as usual. He mentioned night fishing and we began talking about the infamous Swordfish. Through the grapevines I had been hearing that recreational fisherman were beginning to once again "catch them up". Thinking back, I remember spurting out, "We need to make friends with someone to take us Sword fishing, keep your feelers out!" Ever since I was a child I had dreamed of landing a swordfish, the notorious predators of the night. A popular target of the mid 80's long liners that suffered depletion and became...
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Swordfish Fish Species Information

Scientific Fish Name: Xiphias gladius
Other Fish Species Names:
Regions Fished:
World Record: 1,182 lb (536.15 kg) specimen taken off Chile in 1953
Common Tackle:
Additional Information:

Recreational fishing has developed a sub-specialty called sword fishing. It has become quite popular throughout many parts of the world. Because there is a ban on Long lining along many parts of seashore, swordfish populations are showing signs of recovery from the overfishing caused by Long lining along the coast. The population recovery is far from complete and the swordfish population is still at a much lower level than it once was.

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