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Fish Species Directory: Index:

Be part of Sport fishing History while having a chance at winning great prizes and best of all its FREE! Help our  members be the first organization to verifiably (each member is wearing a BigFishTackle.Com logo in the fish photograph) catch every species of recorded game fish in the world! If you are interested in participating but do not have an item with the BigFishTackle.Com logo click here to get your free logo, patch & sticker (when available) and to find out more about this great program to promote sport fishing.

The following Fish Species Directory photographs are comprised solely of our members catch of actual fish. For each species of game fish you will find helpful information to assist you in catching it, links to articles, links to interactive discussion, links to regional species records and much more.


Albacore Jack, Almaco Shark, Tope
Amberjack, greater Jack, Bar Shark, Whalers
Amberjack, Lesser Jack, Crevalle Shark, White
Arawana Jack, Horse-Eye Sheepshead
Barracuda, great Jack, Leather Sierra, Pacific
Barracuda, Guinean Jack, Pacific Crevalle Skipjack, Black
Barramundi Jack, Yellow Snakeheads
Bass, Austrailian Jewfish Snapper (Squirefish)
Bass, Black Sea Kahawai (Australian) Snapper, Blackfin
Bass, Blackfin Sea Kawakawa Snapper, Cubera
Bass, European Kingfish, Gulf Snapper, Dog
Bass, Giant Sea Kingfish, Northern Snapper, Gray
Bass, Japanese Sea Kingfish, Southern Snapper, Lane
Bass, Kelp (Calico) Konakee Snapper, Mahogany
Bass, Largemouth Ladyfish Snapper, Mullet
Bass, Redeye Leerfish (Garrick) Snapper, Mutton
Bass, Rock Lingcod Snapper, Northern Red
Bass, Shoal Lookdown Snapper, Pacific Cubera
Bass, Smallmouth Mackeral, King Snapper, Papuan Black
Bass, Spotted Mackeral, Spanish Snapper, Queen
Bass, Striped Mackerel, Cero Snapper, Red
Bass, White Mackerel, Narrowbarred Snapper, Silk
Bass, White Sea Madai Snapper, Vermillion
Bass, Whiterock Margate Snapper, Yellowtail
Bass, Yellow Margate, Black Snook
Bluefish Marlin, Black Snook, Fat
Bluegill Marlin, Blue Snook, Swordspine
Bonefish Marlin, Striped Snook, Tarpon
Bonita, Atlantic Marlin, White Sorubim
Bonita, Pacific Meagre Spearfish
Bowfin Menhaden, Atlantic Splake
Buffalo, Bigmouth Muskellunge Spot
Buffalo, Smallmouth Muskellunge, Tiger Sturgeon
Bullhead, Black Nembwe Sunfish, Green
Bullhead, Brown Oscar Sunfish, Redbreast
Bullhead, Yellow Paddelfish Sunfish, Redear
Burbot Parrotperch, Japanese Swordfish
Carp, Common ParrotPerch, Spotted Taimen
Carp, Grass Payara Tambaqui
Catfish, Blue Peacock, Blackstripe Tarpon
Catfish, Channel Peacock, Butterfly Tautog
Catfish, Flathead Peacock, Speckled Tench
Catfish, Sharptooth Pellona, Amazon Thereadfin, King
Catfish, Wels Perch, Nile Tigerfish 
Catfish, White Perch, Sand Tigerfish, Giant
Char, Arctic Perch, Silver Tomtate
Cobia Perch, White Trahira, Giant
Cod, Atlantic Perch, Yellow Trevally, Bigeye
Cod, Pacific Permit Trevally, Bluefin
Conger Pickerel, Chain Trevally, Giant
Corbina, California Pigfish Tripletail
Crappie, Black Pike, Northern Trout, Brook
Crappie, White Pilotfish Trout, Brown
Croaker, Atlantic Pinfish Trout, Bull
Dentex Pinfish, Spottail Trout, Cutthroat
Dolly Varden Piranha Trout, Golden
Dolphinfish Pirarara Trout, Lake
Dorado Pollack, European Trout, Rainbow
Drum, Black Pollock Trout, Sand Sea
Drum, Freshwater Pompano, African Trout, Silver Sea
Drum, Red Pompano, Florida Trout, Spotted Sea
Flounder, Gulf Porgy, Grass Trout, Tiger
Flounder, Southern Porgy, Jolthead Tuna, Bigeye
Flounder, Summer Porgy, Knobbed Tuna, Blackfin
Gag Porgy, Red Tuna, Dogtooth
Gar, Alligator Porgy, Saucereye Tuna, Longtail
Gar, Florida Porgy, Silver Tuna, Skipjack
Gar, Longnose Porgy, Whitebone Tuna, Southern Bluefin
Gar, Shortnose Porkfish Tuna, Yellowfin
Gar, Spotted Queenfish Tunny, Little
Grayling Redhorse, Shorthead Wahoo
Grayling, Arctic Redhorse, Silver Walleye
Graysby Rockfish, Black Warmouth
Grouper, Black Rockfish, Blue Weakfish
Grouper, Goliath Rockfish, Yelloweye Whitefish, Bonneville*
Grouper, Marbled Roosterfish Whitefish, Lake
Grouper, Misty Rout, Spotted Whitefish, Mountain
Grouper, Nassau Rudderfish, Banded Whitefish, Round
Grouper, Red Runner, Blue Yellowtail, California
Grouper, Snowy Runner, Rainbow Yellowtail, Southern
Grouper, Tiger Sailfish Zander
Grouper, Warsaw Salmon, Atlantic  
Grouper, Yellowedge Salmon, Chinook  
Grouper, Yellowfin Salmon, Chum  
Grouper, Yellowmouth Salmon, Coho  
Grunt, Bluestriped Salmon, Pink  
Grunt, French Salmon, Sockeye  
Grunt, White Sauger  
Halibut, Atlantic Scamp  
Halibut, California Schoolmaster  
Halibut, Pacific Shad, American  
Herring, Atlantic Thread Shark, Blue  
Hind, Red Shark, Hammerhead  
Hind, Rock Shark, Mako  
Hind, Speckled Shark, Porbeagle  
Huchen Shark,Thresher  
Inconnu Shark, Tiger  


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