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Fishing Articles

There are 2515 Fishing Articles for you to choose from!
Bait & Scent Articles (54)
Articles describing tips and techniques to using bait and scents while fishing.
Boating Articles & Stories (75)
Articles and stories about fishing boats. Featuring boating safety, boat preparation, fishing boat reviews, boating tips, boat maintenance, boat winterizing and tips for getting the most out of your boat while fishing.
Featured Fishing Authors (307)
Fishing authors section is the place to find all your favorite writters work listed by author. Thousands of fishing articles, tips, gear reviews, by award winning fishing, hunting and outdoor writers. Hundreds of exclusive articles.
Fish & Game Recipes (12)
Fish & game recipes for all your favorite fish & game. Learn expert tips on fish & game cleaning & preparation. From the harvest to the table & everything in between. Freshwater, saltwater, big & small game recipies for all your favorites.
Fishing Conservation (30)
Articles & information for marine conservation, fish & wildlife, and other conservation organizations. Includes information about local & worldwide effective catch & release, tagging, & other fishing conservation organizations & practices.
Fishing Games, Apps & Mobile (33)
Fishing game reviews, walk throughs, cheat codes, and news. Find out about your favorite online fishing games, computer fishing games, game console fishing games including PS3, PSP, Game Cube, Sega, XBOX360 and much more.
Fishing Stories (94)
Fishing Stories on freshwater, saltwater, fly and ice fishing.
Fishing Tackle Reviews (313)
Fishing tackle and Gear Product Reviews, and fishing tackle tips. Hundreds of reviews on fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing lures, fishing line, fishing clothes, terminal tackle, fishing boats, float tubes, inflatables, fishing electronics & more.
Float Tubing, Kayaking, Paddling (5)
Fly Fishing Articles (66)
Fly Fishing articles, tips and tricks, including, fly tying patterns, fly fishing instruction, stream, lake, and ocean fly fishing techniques. Everything from advanced fly fishing and fly tying to beginner fly fishing how to's, and gear suggestions.
Freshwater Fishing Articles (588)
Freshwater fishing articles, tips & tricks, including, fish species techniques, seasonal fish patterns, tournament angling advice & more. For advanced freshwater fishing to beginner freshwater fishing how to's, & fishing tackle selection.
Hunting Articles & Stories (4)
Articles and stories on a variety of hunting topics. Seasons, strategies, gear, advice, hunting techniques, hunting trips, tips and more!
Ice Fishing (89)
Ice fishing articles, tips and tricks, including, ice drilling, ice fishing saftey tips, ice fishing gear use, and ice fishing techniques. Everything from advanced ice fishing to beginner ice fishing how to's, & ice fishing tackle & gear suggestions.
Regional Fishing (401)
The inside fishing scoop about what's going on in your back yard. Read about local fishing hot spots, "how to" fish lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and ocean waters. Read local pro fishing reports.
Rod & Tackle Building (1)
Fishing rod wrapping and custom fishing tackle design. Tips for wrapping and designing your own tackle and articles about step by step rod wrapping, making custom handmade fishing lures, and other custom fishing tackle design.
Saltwater Fishing (207)
Saltwater fishing articles, tips and tricks, including, offshore, pier fishing, kayak fishing shore, tournament angling and much more. For advanced saltwater boat fishing to beginner beach and pier fishing how to's, and fishing tackle selection.
Tackle Tips & How To's (179)
Fishing tackle articles, how to's and tips. Fishing tips that will help you get started or on more fish for advanced anglers! Freshwater, saltwater, fly, and ice fishing tips that you don't want to miss.
Tournament Fishing (49)
Tournament Fishing articles, stories, tips & tricks. Including how to get started as a pro angler. Stories from fishing tournament pro anglers. Tips for getting sponsored, fishing tournaments as an amateur, & tips from elite pro fisherman.