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MegaStrike Fish Attractants (The Secret Is...

by: Jeremiah T. Bagwell (View Article Source)

Never before has a product slogan been more fitting than the one on every package of MegaStrike. "The Secret is Out," is likely something a lot of tour pros didn't want to hear. If you haven't already jumped on board the MegaStrike bandwagon, you are without a doubt, missing tons of fish. With the increased popularity of fishing, decreasing number of fishable waters and an overwhelming increase in angler's skill levels, it is more important now than any other time in history, to use every available resource in order to catch fish.
Megastrike Fish Attractants
The sole creation of New Jersey native Bobby Uhrig, MegaStrike is a fish attractant years ahead of its time. Made of amino acids, proteins and a few other secret ingredients, this product contains items that every fish "needs" to stay alive. I have personally witnessed the power of this product. The fish seem to grab MegaStrike coated baits and hold on as if they have Lock Jaw. This product definitely has some major holding power. In reality the longer a fish holds onto the bait, the more time the angler has to set the hook. For pros and average anglers alike, more time to set the hook, equates to catching a lot more fish.

MegaStrike is produced in the consistency of a very manageable gel. It comes in a clean and convenient tube. Unlike spray or liquid attractants, MegaStrike will not get all over you and your boat when applied. The significance of this attribute is less waste and less damage to your valuable boat carpet. You also won't cross the weigh-in stage smelling like a dead crawfish or a rotten nightcrawler because of over-spray covering your clothing.

Another extremely beneficial aspect of this product is the length of time it will remain on lures. When the water is below the 76-78 degree mark, MegaStrike will stay on for several hours. Once the water temperature surpasses that range, you will need to apply the product every hour or two. When I first started using the product, I conducted my own test. Although my study wasn't scientific, it reinforced the fact that this stuff is like a magnet to all types of lures. I covered a jig with MegaStrike and placed it in my aquarium directly beneath the waterfall filter. The constant water flow of this location somewhat simulated a bait running through the water. The water temperature at the time of the test was 63 degrees. Initially I smelled the bait every 30 minutes to see if the MegaStrike was still on it. That time was eventually increased to every 2 hours. After the first day of testing, it was apparent that the product was not going to wear off any time soon. When it was all finalized, MegaStrike had remained on that jig, in running water for a period of 4 consecutive days without any reapplication of the product. To all anglers whether you fish in tournaments or otherwise, this means that you spend less time applying attractants and a lot more time fishing.

During a recent tournament trip to the upper Mississippi River in Wisconsin, I used MegaStrike on a Senko™. I was pitching the Senko™ to large clumps of isolated grass. On one occasion, I had a bass explode on the bait as soon as it hit the water. Immediately I set the hook and started cranking. The fish was completely covered with grass so I couldn't see how big it was. My partner netted the fish and I picked away the grassy shield to find a small 13 ˝" bass. The most intriguing part of the experience came after I released the fish. I looked down at my Senko™ which had fallen out into the net. Upon further examination, I was dumbfounded. The hook had not (I repeat, Had Not) penetrated the Senko™. For those of you that are familiar with the Senko™, you know that it is extremely soft and minimal pressure will cause the hook to become completely exposed. I just couldn't believe that I pulled in a feisty 13 ˝" bass and a few pounds of grass without ever getting a hook in the fish. Believe me, this is not one of those famous fisherman's stories. I saw this with my own eyes and to this day, it still amazes me. It was very apparent that the bass was really enjoying the all natural taste of MegaStrike in his mouth.

Megastrike Fish Attractants Logo
Don't just take my word for it that this is one awesome product. To date, over $500,000 has been won by tournament anglers using MegaStrike. Not all of us are willing to admit it but you can bet your paycheck that there are a lot of hidden MegaStrike tubes in bass boats at tournaments all over the country.

Added: Thu Oct 09 2008

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