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A nice afternoon fishing.

by: compactfishing (View Article Source)

In 1997, I quit my job working at the US Embassy in Bangkok because it was time to slow down and relax a bit. Time to spend more time gardening and I did. Time to spend more time fishing and I DIDN'T! My real estate business just kept me way to busy to do much of any relaxing. Well, this years economy encouraged me to slow down a bit. I did that by starting a new business, The EMMROD Distributor for Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Well, great! But I had not even bought a license in the past 4 or 5 years. So, I ran out and bought one. Another day and I may tell about that adventure. But, this past Sunday was nice, so I decided to try out my Packer pole.
Friendly Duck that fell in love with my bobber.
My Friend Randy has a couple of ponds where he lets me learn how to fish. I took advantage of his kindness for this trip. I started out in the 'Whopper" pond. These fish are probably about 4 years or so old, maybe older. They start at close to 18 " in length and are about 10 or more pounds. They are Rainbows and no longer really edible, but, boy are they fun to catch. I started out with the Emmrod Packer. (Check out at I was using a Shakespere closed spin reel and 8 coils on the pole. 8 coils would normally be used when targeting pan sized fish. For bait, I used some bright orange marshmallows and a half a night crawler. About 20 minutes in, I got my first bite. I think the biggest trouble I had was the tame white duck that was in love with my bobber. Maybe it thought it was its long lost egg. Could not tell if it was saying "My Son, My Son," or "
"AFLAC, AFLAC." Anyway, down went the bobber. I pulled back on the line and had it hooked! my drag was pretty loose so I tightened it up gradually. I only had 10 pound line, so had to be careful. Part of what I wanted to check was the pressure a large fish put on my "weakest" rod. Did not seem to phase it at all! Well, 20 minutes later, I had it up to the dock. I was trying to control it, get my camera out of my pocket, turn it on, get the fish to lay still on the top of the water and take a photo. I am sure God was watching and laughing acknowledging he should have made man with three arms, then, thinking, "But then, I would not have so much fun watching them try to do three hands worth of work with two hands!" Well, to make that long story short, the leviathon managed to get a bit of slack and spit out the hook and sunk back into the murky depths. Be still my pounding heart.
The Friendly duck playing with my bobber.
I had one more hit at that pond but was distracted trying to call Randy's dog so it would not follow him as he drove out of his driveway. That one got away. No doubt, it was even bigger!
8 coil Emmrod Packer Rod under a bit of stress early in the epic battle.
After that fun, I went across the driveway to the other pond. I stuck with the same rig and bait but got no action. I could see the fish swimming around the bait, shrugging their fins and asking "You expect me to eat deyed marshmallows and worms?" So, I went to the spinner. Boy that really turned them on. I caught two before dark. One I landed and one dropped off at the edge of the pond. I let it slither back into the water. The one I landed was a nice speckled fish about ten to 12 inches long and maybe 3/4 of a pound? That 8 coil rod really made catching it fun. Seemed as big as its rainbow brother.
Friendly Duck that fell in love with my bobber.
Well, what a fun three hours. Randy and I are going to start a bit earlier in the day later this week and see what we can get when there is a little sun. But, for tonight, I am sated.
Nice rainbow trout about 20-22 inches?
The moral of the story is: "Take it easy earlier in life while you still have more time to take it easier!"

Added: Tue Oct 20 2009
Last Modified: Tue Aug 29 2017

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