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Boating and water safety is the important things for all boaters.Fishing or boating is undoubtedly an enjoyable job. But like every other fun activity, this also brings some hazards with it. Every year several boat accidents take place. It is important for everyone who loves boating to pay attention to every detail and follow basic boating and water safety rules.
Boat safety
Getting a new boat is a thrilling thing that you will ever experience. Surely you are excited to start your boating and want to celebrate it with your friends or family. But rushing out onto the water could be a big mistake as there are also a lot of chores that need to do before you start. Water safety should be your first priority once you decide you ride a boat. If this is your first boat, you must do proper research. Even better if you can take a short safety course. An alarming number of boat accident involve brand new boats, so it is wiser if you get yourself some good insurance.
Even if you have previous boating experience, you should consult with an expert if your boat is brand new. Because making a mistake in water can be expensive, so make sure you are comfortable with your boat before you move out.

Remember safety should be your first concern when you are in the water. The main safety device is a life jacket. Wear your life jacket or personal flotation device while boating.Attach a whistle to each life jacket. Make sure it fits properly that way it will work as it was designed and help you to keep you alive in water if any mishap takes place. The jacket should be an appropriate size for your weight and it must be approved by the Department of Transportation.
You must also develop a float plan, discuss your journey to someone before you leave. Inform them properly about where you are going and how long you are going to stay. You float plan should include name, address, and phone number of your trip member, boat type and registration information and your trip itinerary. This can help you to get support in case if you need them.

We would also like to advise to all the beginner boaters to take a boating course from an experienced teacher or from a registered institution before going out for sailing. Regardless of your individual state’s requirements, it’s always important to be educated and prepared for every circumstance that might arise. You must also obey all of the local, state and national boating laws and regulations.
Get your boat checked by the Coast Guard Auxiliary or by a certified boat technicians. This will help you to minimize the risk of having any flaws in your boat. Take advantage of a free vessel safety check from the US Coast Guards. They offer complimentary boat examinations to verify the presence and condition of certain safety equipment required by state and federal regulations. Free of charge, they’ll provide a specialist to check out your boat and make helpful boating safety tips and recommendations. They also offer virtual online safety checks as well.

At least one person on board must be familiar with all aspects of your boat’s handling, operations, and general boating safety. If the primary navigator is injured or incapacitated in any way, it’s important to make sure someone else can follow the proper boating safety rules to get everyone else back to shore. And also all the passenger shoulda keep a watchful eye, which can help all of you to avoid collisions with other skiers, swimmers, boats, watercrafts and with foreign objects.

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