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Fishgilz Floating Sunglasses

by: Jaackrabbit
My very first thought when putting the 1/2 ounce sunglasses on was the sheer amazement of how lightweight they were. states, “You literally do not realize you’re wearing them.” And I’m here to tell you that claim is absolutely true. The wrap around design was very comfortable and can also be adjusted to any face style by simply warming them in hot water and then gently forming them to create an absolutely perfect fit.

I field tested the sunglasses while steelhead fishing in Mid-Michigan in the middle of winter. During that time of year, the ice and snow only amplify the sun’s harmful rays and the sunglasses provided excellent physical protection from wind, stray casts, reduced eye strain, and, of course, eliminated glare, enhancing the ability to sight fish. I found the polarization and shape of the lenses provided both eye protection and crisp viewing in all types of sunlight conditions.
Durability is always a concern when moving fishing tackle. While I would never recommend knocking the sunglasses off the roof of your car, carelessly throwing them in the bottom of your tackle box, or purposely tossing them into the water, that is exactly what I did. I was beyond rough on them, and each time the glasses held up without a scratch.
As far as extras go, the sunglasses come in a custom padded nylon zipper case that floats as well so you don’t have to worry if you happen to knock them into the water. A customized micro-fiber lens cloth also is provided for cleaning and protecting your glasses for years to come. Optional high visibility tips also can be inserted into the glasses, making them easier to locate if you drop them in the water.
The sunglasses' retail price is $100 to $110 each, but they are currently on sale for $50 to $60 at I would highly recommend them to anyone enjoying recreational activities where dropping your glasses in the water ruins your day or wastes time going back to the store for another pair.

Added: Sun Apr 20 2008
Last Modified: Thu May 14 2009

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