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by: pickyfishy
Fin-Wing Earns its Stripes
Keweenaw Tackle Company embellishes a twosome of natural tones to fool predator fish; introduces new Golden Tiger and Fire-Fin patterns.

Traverse City, MI (October 7, 2016) – Panfish can be pesky. Little ones will shred an angler’s crawler, disembowel their cricket and suck the scales right off a minnow. But as frustrating as they are to fishermen, these pint-size bait robbers are a necessary evil in creating a healthy underwater ecosystem. An all-too-important center of the food chain, they are a favorite prey for predator fish of all species.
Besides their love for picking apart live bait, juvenile panfish share yet another trait – the dark bands that line their flanks. Perch have ‘em; ‘gills and sunfish, too. Heck, most every young-of-the-year fishes have those unique, dark bars along their sides. Immature trout and salmon? Yep. Small saltwater fishes such as pinfish and the like? Oh yeah. And the list goes on and on.
This natural striping which predator fish zone in on is why Keweenaw Tackle Company is introducing two new colors to their already energetic lineup of fabulous Fin-Wings: the Golden Tiger and Fire-Fin. Both give off the flicker of striped baitfish, which naturally grabs the attention of predator fish as the lure passes... er, swims by.

Golden Tiger’s black bars stand out overtop it’s sparkling golden yellow crystal wings and crystal white belly, while the real silver-plated back reflects light, even during the less-than-sunny hours. The Fire-Fin offers a unique asymmetrical paint scheme, designed to work with the lures action, further enhanced by sparkling crystal fluorescent colors. Orange tiger stripes overlay the bright green wing, while a fluorescent chartreuse belly stripe separates the crystal white side for the ultimate in nature’s now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t fleeing forage fish flash. Genuine silver plating adds another element of blaze.
The Golden Tiger and Fire-Fin also feature a UV coating for enhanced low light performance, as well as realistic 3-D eyes to complete the package.

Like all three sizes (1/4, 3/4 and 1 ounce, to match every year-class of forage fish that swims) and all 19 colors of Fin-Wing’s clan, the Golden Tiger and Fire-Fin are meticulously stamped from solid brass, creating a patented shape like no other lure made, giving “The Lure that Swims” its exclusive action.

The Fin-Wing’s matchless design causes it to remain in the desired strike zone throughout the entire retrieve. No diving into unforeseen snags. Once you cast it out, just let the Fin-Wing settle into position and reel in at a steady pace. Halt your retrieve over open patches in structure and it will turn nose down and swim towards the lake’s floor. The Fin-Wing also walks the dog effortlessly when it’s sped up just right for aggressive topwater attacks. And a simple change out of the premium treble hook with the included super-sharp J-hook allows for tipping with soft plastics to change the presentation, bulk it up, or create a weed-free retrieve.
When it comes to catching the eye of every species of predator fish in fresh or saltwater, the Fin-Wing has raised the bar and earned its stripes… Fin-Wing “The Lure that Swims”.

A symbol of American ingenuity and hard work, the Fin-Wing® design has been catching fish of all stripes since 1948. Today, the lure is the pride of Keweenaw Tackle Company; built in the Copper Country to the same rigid standards as the handmade original, using only the highest-quality materials and superior long-lasting finishes. Find out more and see the lure in action at

Added: Sat Oct 08 2016
Last Modified: Thu Nov 17 2016

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