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The Newest Shimano Cumara Review

by: joey74 (View Article Source)

After owning this rod for over a month, I felt the urge to write a Shimano Cumara Review based on my own experiences. When I first bought the Shimano Cumara, I must admit I had high hopes. I knew how I wanted to feel about the rod, but I had no idea how the equipment was actually going to handle. After a month of steady use, I find myself still being surprised by its design and performance.
Shimano Cumara
The Shimano Cumara is created from 100% IM-10 graphite with only the best parts from Fuji. The design on the rod offers a lighter rod that's easier to handle and has a higher level of sensitivity for a quicker reaction time. For me, the Shimano Cumara has meant more fish and more often.
Shimano Cumara
I have used several different types of Reaction rods. The Shimano Cumara Reaction rods are so useful as a fishing tool, you'll surely find one that can improve your catch rate no matter the type of fisherman you are.
The newest series of Shimano Cumara includes 12 rods. The average cost is just over $200 USD each and are roughly 7' tall. The weight is minimized to a new low of only 4.1 oz. As soon as I caught my first fish, I saw and felt the forgiving design. Itís the type of smooth action that every fisherman looks for in a crank-rod.
The one bad thing I can mention about the Shimano Cumara is the extreme similarity between this series and the first series of rods. I understand a rod is a straight narrow rod, but they could have specialized it a little. The logo, the colors, really any difference in looks, would've been nice.
There are some small differences that exist between the two different series, and those differences improve performance vastly. The infamous hook hanger is no longer on the grip of new series of rods. The new reaction rods have a much smaller grip, with a more old-fashioned wire hanger. This alone has saved my grips from deteriorating or taking undue harm to the foam.
Iím happy to say that the Shimano Cumara worked great with most of my cheaper reels. During many of my balance tests, the tip of the rod tilted slightly down. For this style rod, that forward lean is perfect. Thatís because most of all the techniques used by this style rod are tip down.
The graphite build improves strength and durability while only slightly raising the price. It's a great choice for any crank angler. The overall quality and feel of this rod is top-notch. From the design to the materials, the bottom-line for the new series of Shimano Cumara, is that these rods are built to last.

Added: Wed Jan 25 2012

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