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What I learned selling Emmrod Poles in Utah

by: compactfishing (View Article Source)

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Wow, what a weekend. My knee is still killing me from standing up for so many hours. I just got back from helping a friend as an indentured servant for the past week as he went to sell the Emmrod Fishing System in Salt Lake City. It really was, on many levels, a great vacation away from my Real Estate Business. It also was a great training trip for me. I do not have a lot of recent fishing experience so listening to Jim talk about his exploits for the past week filled my head with many ideas.
I really just want to talk about three things I learned on this trip.
First, Fishing is for just about everybody! The old, the young, men, women and children. Black, White, Indian, Hispanic and even a German loved our system. We engaged the already raving enthusiasts, the skeptical and the intrigued. Virtually anyone who fished stopped to chat with us.
Second, Lots of times, it is the women who are the fisher”men.” I do not recall how many times women stopped to chat and said how much they missed fishing and how much they would love to buy one of these neat poles but there husbands did not like fishing so they did not go any more. This led to the explanation that the Emmrod Packer Combo breaks down into such a small package it would fit in their medium sized purses. They could tell their husbands “Honey, I am going to the Mall!” and their husbands would never know they actually were going fishing!
Finally, kids really learn fast! I could not believe how quickly kids picked up on how easy it was to cast the Emmrod system either by shooting it or just regular casting. Some of the older folks had more difficulty than did the younger ones!
So, it was a great trip! Jim and I sold some poles, talked to a lot of folks and came away with sore knees and feet and some great memories. Check out the Emmrod Fishing System on my web site or email me at Don’t forget, we love to have photos of you to post on the site where you can brag
about the fish you caught with your Emmrod!

Dave Atherton

Added: Thu Dec 03 2009

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