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by: Eric Elshere

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When you think of catching big bass your thoughts wander the air. You know that swim baits are a very popular choice of many anglers. Then there is Live Bait, crawdads and waterdogs. These simple little live offerings are just about impossible to pass up. But then you think, jigs, huh that is something I have never tried. Well these little weapons can be lethal.
big bass on a jig
I mean these look like and have the same characteristics as a live crawdad. So why wouldn't it work? Well they do! These little baits can be awesome. To prove this look at a Bassmaster tournament that was held at the Delta in 1999. The big bass of 14.75 or so was caught on a jig. Just before that, Mark Tyler landed an 8 pounder. These baits are awesome.
I believe that for the open water presentation of a jig requires a smaller profile. This is when the Skinny Bear Jig comes in handy. These little jigs have no weed guard to hinder your hook ups and yes you will lose them. But only costing a little over $1 they are affordable and a must have for the tournament angler.
There is no real suggestions on equipment to use except a good sensitive graphite rod. I prefer over 6' but any rod will work. Fish these little offerings around rocks and stick combinations. These are the areas where crawdads love to hide. So that is what you are looking for. Good sharp drop offs are very good also.
The best seasons to fish these are in the colder Fall and winter months from November to early March. Bass are getting fat during these months so they can go deep for winter and then get fat for the spawn. You may have to brave the cold weather but these little baits are great fish catchers.
If you need a picture to show you what they catch, well look at the photo I attached. These are 6.5 and 4.5 pounders that I got within 5 casts of each other in the middle of November. My dad Larry has caught tons of bass on these baits. So what else can I say, buy you some of these and give them a try. All I can say is you will be very surprised with the results.
big bass on a jig
Good Luck and hope this article helps you out in the cold winter months. God Bless and Tight Lines!!!

Eric Elshere

Added: Mon Apr 07 2008
Last Modified: Fri May 15 2009

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