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Night Time Buzzin'

by: Eric Elshere
When it comes to catching bass at night, anytime of the summer or fall, buzzbaits are some real fun. Like in my article on Night Time Crankin', night fishing can be awesome. But, buzzbaits are very unique and can be fun to fish.
When throwing these baits, use them around any flat or any type of cover like weeds or sticks. The bass that hit these baits are the most aggressive, same as I said in the crankbait article. So you will normally find the most aggressive bass. So throw the buzzbait first at your spot, then work the spot with the plastic worm or jigs.
As for the type of buzzbaits, I suggest to use Viper Baits and Blue Fox. These make a lot of noise and can handle a lot of big fish. Use the darker black/red, black/blue, and black colors for night. Throw these with a 6'6" to 7' medium heavy action rod, and a high speed reel, 6.3:1. This will get your bait to the surface faster and keep it up better. So I prefer to use a Shimano Series rod or G. Loomis rods, with a Shimano Curado or Chronarch reels.
Larry and Eric
So with these little tips, I hope it will help you out with your night time fishing. So go out and get yourself some buzzbaits and catch some lunkers. It is fun and a good way to catch a limit at night. Good Luck!

Added: Mon Apr 07 2008
Last Modified: Fri May 15 2009

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