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Smallmouth buffalo may be IGFA Record

by: theangler
IGFA maintains and publishes world records for saltwater, freshwater, fly fishing catches, U.S. state freshwater records, and junior angler records, awarding certificates of recognition to each record holder. Recognized as the official keeper of world saltwater fishing records since 1939, IGFA entered the field of freshwater record keeping when Field & Stream transferred its 68 years of records to the association in 1978.

World records coordinator Rebecca Wright provides monthly highlights of selected documented fish catches made from across the globe and submitted for world records. Below is a potential April world record now before the world records committee.
Smallmouth buffalo
Ronnie Eidson of Watauga, Texas, landed a smallmouth buffalo weighing in at 20 pounds, 12 ounces on 4 pound class line. He was using a Berkley Honey Worm while fishing Grapevine Lake, Texas. The current record is 17 pounds, 4 ounces.

International Angling Regulations
The equipment and fishing regulations adopted worldwide are formulated, updated, and published by IGFA to promote sporting angling practices, to establish uniform rules for world record catches, and to provide angling guidelines for use in tournaments and other group fishing activities.

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Added: Wed May 27 2009

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