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Versatility For Success!!

by: Capt. John Ford
I must admit "fly fishing" is my favorite way to fish any body of water. But the one thing I have not become is "close minded " to other forms of fishing. Light tackle plugging is one form everyone should leave room for and I guarantee it will improve even your fly fishing results!

Unlike most I'm blessed with the opportunity to be on the water almost everyday. Even when not guiding I'm searching out new holding areas and keeping up with the constant changing conditions. One way that has helped me do this efficiently is plugging. You can cover more water in shorter amounts of time helping you FIND more fish holding areas. Here are some things you should do:
1. Buy a quality rod- G.Loomis and St.Croix make some great light tackle rods that will handle BIG fish.

2. Cut the treble hooks off plugs (husky jerk baits, jumping minnows are some of my favorites) and replace them with single hooks. This will not only make releasing fish easier but will also make them semi-weedless.

3. Use QUALITY line- 14lb test is perfect and nice to cast but you better make sure its "good" line because plugs are expensive.

4. Methodically work an area- most fish won't move very far to eat so take your time and remember the places that hold fish.
With the recent explosion in saltwater fly fishing I find that some guys who are fairly competent fly anglers cannot even operate a spinning reel and don't want to?? I say broaden your fishing skills and become a more "well rounded" fisherman and it will only improve your understanding of the sport and improve your chances of SUCCESS.

Have fun and "Dream Big Fish"
Capt John Ford
Portland Guide Service

Captain John Ford runs Portland Guide Service. Fishing Casco Bay, Maine for trophy Striped Bass with Fly and Light tackle. You can reach him at (207) 471-5858

Added: Fri Apr 11 2008
Last Modified: Fri May 15 2009

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