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Fishing contest in China, do you think anyone

by: yundiaoke (View Article Source)

I work for a company from Shanghai, China. As a fishing contest organizer we have our new contest in this November and December, and would like to invite international anglers to participate. So I am posting here to see whether it is possible (or whether there would be anyone interested), if no I have to ask my boss to spend time and money on this. So the information as follows
This is a contest called Professional Fishingman China Selection Contest, with 3 division contests and a final, from November to December. The winners from the final could join our fishing superstar team and participate in the fishing contest around China as their job. These are what you get:
1. Participating in Professional Fishingman China Selection Contest
2. A job offer that earn millions RMB while fishing as a superstar of our company
3. An opportunity to travel around China
4. Our service agents keeping you worry free
5. Exclusive pickup service
Free flight tickets, meals and accommodation
Rules: 1. Fishing contest: Pond fishing (suspended sinker method) 2. Fishing rod: Provided by us 3. Targeted fish: according to each contest 4. Scoring system: Number of the catches
What do you say? Do you think this interests you? If so, how could we promote this contest and find interested people?

Added: Thu Nov 17 2016

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