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In the past our biggest problem was running out of inventory when an item was still on the site (so orders were then placed in the black hole of back ordered).

The new store has inventory control so items won't be able to be purchased that are not in stock and we have someone who is going to handle all shipping. So we are confident all of our Gift Shop problems are now solved.

To accommodate the interest in a bigger gift shop with a bigger variety of items we are creating a real BFT Gift Shop (a separate commerce site) and planning on stocking as many requests as possible for items.

We have ordered some pretty cool items. Our goal here is to offer items as close to our cost as possible so we should have some pretty cool stuff at pretty reasonable prices. is posting a poll in the polls board that I would appreciate as much as possible our members to take a second and give us feedback on items they are interested in. If we can find them and get them at a reasonable price we will try to add them. So be sure to include in a reply on the pole any items you would like to see in our gift shop.

Also the big question we have is do you prefer the 3d embroidery or the standard embroidery. We will be doing both but need to know which of these items to stock more of.

BFT GIFT SHOP: Do you prefer 3D emriodered logos or regular on BFT Hats, shirts, etc...

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.