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Louisiana Grand Slam Trip

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Louisiana Grand Slam Trip
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Capt. Ron Ph#225-445-1019 Capt. Ron email -
Hello fellow anglers. What a great fishing trip with a fun crew of guys. I met Mr. Alvin at a local church fair the other day and we started talking fishing (which just happens to be my favorite subject to talk about) and I found out that he loves to fish almost as much as I do and as we visited and as my grand babies rode the rides and had a big time at the fair we made a great connection and found out how much alike our families really were just alike and after the kids burnt out we shook hands and parted ways after exchanging business cards. Alvin said he wanted to make a fishing trip with me and sure enough about a week later he called and set one up and as they say the rest is history.
Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Mr. Alvin and his buddies Mr. Sam and Mr. Mark these guys are all from the Central area have been friends for a long time and loved to get together on the water and today was just one of those days. We met in Denham Springs and followed each other to the dock and loaded up in the skeeter with a live well of Campos shrimp and headed out to the sound. Today one stop was all it took because shortly after we positioned the boat right the action was on and the guys were slinging speckled trout over the gunnel but today they were not nearly as bag as they have been in the last couple of weeks but they were the perfect eating size of from 12.5 inches up to a few that were 3.5 to 4 pounds but more school sized trout today than the bigger ones.
As the day progressed the wind started to howl and it got tougher and tougher to get the bait into the kill zone but we fought the wind and the guys did a fine job with getting their baits where they needed to be but as the winds picked up the water dirtied up and the bite slowed to a crawl. We kept fishing with sporadic action they would start then just as quick as they started they would stop again. So with a nice box of fish I suggested that we head to an interior pond on the inside that has been holding some red fish and trout and off we went but at the hot spot but when we got there the water looked like chocolate milk because of the 40 mile per hour winds so we kept riding and found a point that looked good and positioned the boat where the guys could cast to it and they were a few fish there and the guys quickly put 4 nice trout and 3 red fish and 2 flounders in the box to ice a good day on the water with a fun group of guys.
All fish today were caught on Campos live and kicking shrimp rigged 3 feet under a ratling poping cork fished up close to the structure. The final fish count for the day was 49 speckled trout 3 red fish and 2 flounders not a bad day on the water considering the howling winds that always make fishing a challenge even for the best of fisher men.
If you would like to make a trip Capt. Ron give us a call or drop us an email we would love to take you and your friends and family fishing but call early because the available days are going fast.If you would like to take a trip please give me a call or drop me an email and we can arrange the trip of your lifetime. And as our motto says, "RAIN OR SHINE, SLEET OR SNOW, IF YOU COME WE WILL GO!
Thanks Capt Ron