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Best flies for Alaska

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Best flies for Alaska
If you read my post about lures you know that I classified stuff by brand but fly fishing is more complex so I will classify by species I will one or two of my standbys for these species not flies for every instance.
Btw: judge the size of the fly by the fish that are average for your water.
King salmon: almost any flashy minnow imitation will work although my personal favorite is an oversized egg and flesh fly or massive battle creek special.
Coho salmon: My favorite is just a plain old flash fly to get them angry
Sockeye salmon: any large attractor streamer works you will mostly get anger and reaction bites in fresh water.
Pink salmon: Pinks are pretty easy just a pink marabou steamer or pink flesh fly works.
Chum:Again I like a flash fly for chum a flesh and egg also works.
Dolly varden: the clear choice is streamers or flesh and egg flies also glo bugs.
Grayling: dry flies and salmon egg imitations.
Rainbow and cutthroat trout: same as dolly varden
Steelhead: the are the trickiest but standard steelhead flies do pretty good up here any thing else is self invented.
There are many more like pike but they can be caught on these flies I already mentioned.
Tight lines ~
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Re: [Hainesfisherman] Best flies for Alaska In reply to
Great stuff!!! Thank you for the heads up!


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