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New to Arkansas

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New to Arkansas
Hi all-
I moved to the North Little Rock area a little while back. I am originally from Michigan, and have fished there my whole life (mostly bass).
I don't have a clue where to go, tried fishing the Arkansas River on Memorial Day by Maumelle Park. Not much luck. Fished out at Lake Maumelle once a couple weeks ago with only limited success.
I bought an older Doggett Bass Boat that runs awesome. Made here in Arkansas.
I am looking for a little help- places to go that aren't too far from me ( maybe less than an hour away). I have all the usual lures and such for bass- soft plastics, tubes of all colors, Rapalas, spinners of all types, top water lures, etc. I have been going out by myself, don't know a soul here and the wife doesn't fish.
I appreciate any help.

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Re: [Bamstar9] New to Arkansas In reply to
I will help ya out tomorrow .. I need some sleep we just went to the mississippi and caught some 20lb - 50lb blues.

I'll help ya with some spots between little rock and jonesboro tomorrow after I get some sleep.