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Reviewing Shark Bait Fishing Game

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Reviewing Shark Bait Fishing Game

Game Play: Use Mouse to move fishing hook. Touch fish with hook to catch it. Eat good, normal, fish. The bigger the fish, the more health points you get. Don't eat the weird fish. Don't let your line touch the electric eel. It's shockingly bad. Avoid the shark at all costs. Health- Your health bar goes down with time. Replenish it with good fish. Bad fish harm you. If your health bar runs out, you die of hunger and lose a life. Worms- The day ends when you run out of worms. You have ten worms, so catching ten fish ends a day.

Rank: Catch and Release, (SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile) 5 out of 10

Review: Its fun, although you probably won't find yourself hooked to this one. It is worth giving a shot. This game was definitely not shooting for realism, so I guess they hit the mark. It's worth a play or two! You don't need to download it so its quick and easy to play.


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Mike H
BFT Staff