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Salmon Fishing Simulator

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Salmon Fishing Simulator
Fishin' For the past months, I've looked at a couple of fishing games and they all seem to be of the ordinary shoot 'em up type which has nothing to do with the real world fishing I adore. I found a simple simulator on the web that better corresponds to my fishing:

. It is perhaps not the most action packed game in the world, but the fight is pretty interesting and you can play and work (at work Laugh) at the same time, as it's a kind of background game. If you are not fully equiped and fishing in Alta that is. It's free for a week and then you equipment ages and you must upgrade. However, there is stil another free 50.000 credits to spend. Or you take a short cut through the Buy Credits button which I did - worked fine.

It's also possible to join competitions and challenge your colleagues as it's "semi-online".

If you look for me in the game, I'm OleOle and you don't stand a chance (check fishermans guild).

Hopefully, I'll get some free credits for the advertising.

See you in Alta.
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