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T-n-T Neeting 9/26

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T-n-T Neeting 9/26
     Don't forget the Float Tube Club meeting Wednesday at the FOE in Murray. Dan Smith from Fish Tech will be our program. Dan will discuss some techniques that are adaptable for Float Tube fishing and will also give some insight about Starvation. After the program we will have an Open Forum about fishing at Stravation, maybe even get into hard water fishing at Starvation.
Also the Strawberry Anglers have invited us to a fisn-in at Strawberry on the 28th of September (Friday) at Bryant Fork. They plan to get started at 6:30am or when you get there. The fall colors and fishing should be great.
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Re: [LeeC] T-n-T Neeting 9/26 In reply to
CoolSorry to miss the meeting. Just got back from a fishing Starvation. Caught a lot of fish too.

That's the trouble with meetings. They always happen on the best weather days when you should have been fishing.

Hope the meeting went well...without me.