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BFT Floatilla on Starvation

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BFT Floatilla on Starvation
TubeBabe and I met up with Wagdog...and later LloydE...for a mini floatilla. Several birthdays among us over the next week so we thunk we'd celebrate.

TubeBabe and I hit Rabbit Gulch about 6:15 am and were ready to launch when Wagdog drove up in his purty red truck...and got the mud from the fast dropping water. Soooooooo...being the kindly guy I are I drove over to him and towed his sorry self out with my tow strap and 4X4. He was relieved, saying that would have probably cost $400 from a towing company. I told him I would do it for half.

Launch delayed a half hour. Got TubeBabe away from the shore and then myself. "Muddog" took a while longer to get set up but got out amongst us in fine fashion...even without a motor.

Air temp was 65 and water temp was 68 at launch. Light breezes that got a bit stronger and stayed steady until about 9ish.

TubeBabe drew first blood...slimer blood. Got a nice Starvation steelhead to get the day started. I worked all the way across the channel to the other side...without a tap. Then I started seeing some fish. Stuck a lower teen incher wallie and was telling myself that it was gonna be a good day. Thunk that too early.

As I was dropping down for another fish I got a shout from LloydE...who had just arrived. He apologized for being late and went off on some wild story about a "comedy of errors"...and that he might just have to go back home without fishing. First he found his nightcrawlers had "passed on", and rotted. Had to look all over for replacements at dark thirty in Orem. Then when trying to air up his rubber his dearly beloved could join him upon the waters...his electric pump quit working.

Ta daaaaaa! TD to the rescue. Damn the fishing, full speed ahead....err, backward. Drained about half my battery running across the lake at high speed to get in my vehicle and hand off my pump. Day saved for Lloyd and spouse. Another 45 minutes cut out of my fishing time.

By the time I got back to the area where I had found some fish, they was gone, gone, gone. Serves me right, I said to myself. And myself said "Shut up and fish." So I did. And I found more fish and caught some.

All of us caught walleyes. Some more and some bigger than others. Wagdog...who had never caught a walleye before...was top rod. Kept 9 nice walleyes from footlongs to the biggest for our group at 19". Also had a couple of 17s and a couple of fat fourteens in the mix. He lost a nice rainbow early in the day. No perch and no smallies.

TubeBabe caught 3/4 of a slam. 2 trout, some perch and some walleyes. Biggest walleye for her was maybe 14".

I had an official Starvation Slam: 1 trout, a half dozen small smallies to 12", a dozen perch to 10" and a dozen or so walleyes. I kept 5 of the walleyes from footlong to my biggest at 17 inches. Had some nice fat fourteens too.

We were all doing well until some dimbulb from the power squadron decided to show off his speed boat, making a couple of turns around the Gulch at high speed...following the general line of the channel dropoff...our prime fishing area. That did it. Game over. No more action after about 10 am. Blue skies, calm water, lovely day...but the fish decided to go dine elsewhere.

Once Lloyd and his wife got launched I could not raise them on the radio any more so I don't know how they finished. I hope Lloyd will respond and let us know how they did...and I hope they did well.

I was proud of Glen...Wagdog...errrr, Muddog. His first real walleye outing and he whacked 'em pretty good. Of course I guaranteed he would get some and he had faith. Hallelujah.

10 INCH WALLIE.jpg (149 KB)
10 INCH PERCH.jpg (275 KB)
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WAG'S WALLIES.jpg (327 KB)
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Re: [TubeDude] BFT Floatilla on Starvation In reply to
Wow, sounds like quite the day out on the water! Congrats on the slam, and helping a couple friends out.