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Fat Cat seat?

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Fat Cat seat?
TD, I want to thank you for the info that you have provided to me. I have another question for you and the members.

Is there that much difference in the Super Fat Cat seats being foam or air bladder?
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Re: [BigBo] Fat Cat seat? In reply to
CoolRegular Fat Cat seats are foam. Super Fat Cats are inflated. Otherwise the tubes are the same.

With an inflatable seat you can have a wider range of adjustments for comfort. You also have a firmer ride...since the inflated seat fills the entire space alloted for the seat. A foam seat does not completely fill the seat chamber and over time it is subject to compression and deforming. A lot of Fat Catters resort to inserting something to stiffen up the plexiglass or plywood.

Foam seats do not leak and will provide auxilliary floatation in the event of a loss of air from the main air chambers. Inflated seats can be more comfortable but are subject to leaks in the valves or from pinhole punctures or seam failures. Not common but they do occur.