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Fishing is the mother of all invention

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Fishing is the mother of all invention
I thought you guys might be interested in my float tube inflation system. It came about because of the poor quality and good warranty of the aerobed in a minute that I bought so my wife would go camping with me.

First we had problems with the valve so they sent us a new one to replace it. Then we split a seam on it . . . Not caused by evening camping activities. They sent us a new bed along with a new pump.

I had purchased my u tube around that time as well and had been blowing it up by lung power. I couldn't afford a pump when I got my tube . . . because of the overpriced aerobed. I was getting lightheadded from blowing up my tube and it was affecting my fishing. So I used what brain cells I had that hadn't been starved of oxygen and the parts from my aerobed to make my life easier.

I located a 2.5" rubber end cap from the hardware store and it clamped perfectly into the aerobed valve. I cut a hole the size of a boston valve in it and screwed the assembly onto my float tubes boston valve.

Although I have to top it off with lung power, it really only takes a minute to fill my aerotube. It fits nicely in the compartment that encloses the boston valve.

One charge of the batteries will fill the tube 5 times. If I were to ever go on an extended trip where I wouldn't be able to charge the pump for a while I can take both pumps with me. Here is a picture of the pump and adapter on the boston valve and another picture with the assembly in place.

P. Hopper
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Re: [plecopterahopper] Fishing is the mother of all invention In reply to
CoolHey, PH, thanks for the contribution. Although I think you have your quote wrong. My version is "Necessity is a mother." It's right up there with "An old dog doesn't need new tricks."

Pretty clever adaptation. Once we got away from standard inner tubes and into all the fancy air valves on these new air chambers it complicated our lives, as flotation fishermen...and as campers. That looks like a real breath, not the mints, either.

I'll toss out another suggestion too, for anyone that has those long plastic tube valves with the twist top I had on my recently retired Kennebec. That is to go to your Home Depot (or equivalent) and buy a two foot long section of clear plastic tubing that will fit snugly over the outside of the valve. Keep it stored in a pocket, and when cold water shrinkage (or a slow leak) finds you with a softening air chamber out on the water, you can use the tube to puff up your craft without having to make an unscheduled trip to the shore.

Thanks again for the input.