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How Much Does Your Fully Loaded FT...

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How Much Does Your Fully Loaded FT Weigh?
Hello Everyone,

I'm just curious .... I'm going to completely load up my FT with all my gear: ABS rod rack, iPhone,
Fish finder, lap tray, including all electronics w/ cables and wiring, batteries, fins and PFD ... everything.
With one exception: No rod and reels.
Then I'm going to step on a scale with all of it.
Next ... I'm going to completely remove all my gear and then I'm going to step on the scale again with my empty FT again.
Then I will subtract my body weight from both weight readings for the final FT weight results.

I'm just curious if others are also completely maxing out the poundage of gear on their FT's like myself.

Any takers? This information could be helpful to others as well. We already know the weight of our empty FT's.

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,

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Re: [Shawnturner] How Much Does Your Fully Loaded FT Weigh? In reply to
Most manufacturers list the basic weight of their craft. But I have found some discrepancies in actual weights when checked on accurate scales.

Rather than loading up your tube and trying to balance everything while standing on a bathroom scale, you might consider breaking up the weight calculations. Weigh the tube separately. Then do the add-ons and accessories.

Over the years I have gone through many makes and models of float tubes and pontoons. Since I weigh over 250 pounds, carrying capacity of my tube and the weight of my combined gear have always been considerations.

My current ride is a Dave Scadden Escape...with a capacity rating of over 500 pounds. And that is a good thing since I have it loaded up with a lot of PVC goodies (rod rack, tool rack, motor mount), sonar and battery, electric trolling motor and battery, fish basket, five rods, etc. My series 27 AGM battery alone weighs 65#. See pic attached.

In my earlier days I carried my bare bones tube, fins and a couple of rods long distances to a chosen launch spot. At my advanced age, and with all the weight of my tricked out craft, I need to find a launch ramp or suitable waterfront site where I can just drive up and launch.

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Re: [Shawnturner] How Much Does Your Fully Loaded FT Weigh? In reply to
If the tube is more than half submerged and not level with all your weight and rider, that is probably not safe. There have been posts about tubes flipping when leaning to one side at the points, as when landing a fish.

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Re: [Shawnturner] How Much Does Your Fully Loaded FT Weigh? In reply to
Very good question Shawnturner. I have to agree with both answers you have received I don't know that standing on a scale all loaded is going to give you actual results. It will get you in the ball park though.

What tube are you using? Maybe there are some hands on help.