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Pontoon Motor Mount?

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Pontoon Motor Mount?
I found this about pontoon boat and so I thought I start here. Being new, please tell me if there is a better place to post.
I am modifying a Colorado XT.
My problem:
I just place a bow mount remote controlled trolling motor which has been modified for transom use. Yesterday was the maiden run, and with the weight of the motor and two batteries in the back, the boat basically goes in circle because the front 3/4 of the boat is not in the water.
I will move the seat forward, but I also want to place the batteries in front of the to further improve on the weight ratio.
Has anyone moved or read about moving the batteries in front of the seat?
Thanks fin any information.
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Re: [Wbatie] New ride In reply to
Most people that are new to pontoons and motors spin in circles. Are you going forward or backwards with the boat and motor?
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Re: [Wbatie] Pontoon Motor Mount? In reply to
I detached your post from the other thread, to give it separate status.

First question. Why TWO batteries? Generally one series 24 or 27 will supply all the power you need, unless you are planning to tow a water skier.

There are a lot of the Colorados with batteries and motors. If you adjust the seat forward and use only one battery that should get the nose down and make your craft more maneuverable.

A lot more folks opt for mounting the motor on the front than the batteries. Would be difficult to find a spot for the battery that would not interfere with fishing.

Have you reversed the head on your motor so that it pulls the craft backward? That is how most tubers and tooners prefer the motor set up. Helps a lot with tracking and stability too...and you can steer with your fins.

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Re: [TubeDude] Pontoon Motor Mount? In reply to
Ditto TD

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