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Raft Frame Floor & Motor Mount - NFO...

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Raft Frame Floor & Motor Mount - NFO Avenger
Frame is great, but wanted a floor to store gear and to minimized dropped equipment into water. Found this stuff that is intended for kennel floors but is popular with whitewater rafters, and I can see why. Light, strong, easy to shape, and water passes through.

Also added quick-connect seat bracket, and these strong L-brackets and added poly-wood for motor mount on frame.

Without a floor, felt a little exposed on the water.

This is better and will let me store gear next to seat.

Grid is easy to cut for custom fit.

It all comes together.

Poly-wood and heavy-duty L-brackets make for solid motor-mount.

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Re: [kandersonSLC] Raft Frame Floor & Motor Mount - NFO Avenger In reply to
Having had our frame models a tad longer Wink This is a helpful suggestion. However, there is the issue with the sliding deck on ours the single man version. I had my standing deck slide under the seat on one outing and I accidentally dropped a loaded reel that I was getting ready to put on a rod. The reel hit the metal deck and bounced right in the water!!!!Mad
So with a visit to Kirkhams I bought some mesh cloth and did the same thing as you have pictured. It works like a dream with or without the standing deck. Just mount it on top with deck

Very clean set up there my friend, just sharing the bouncing idea.Wink

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Re: [flygoddess] Raft Frame Floor & Motor Mount - NFO Avenger In reply to
D'oh! Leave it to me to overly complicate things Unsure

The mesh idea is sure a lot easier and cheaper and will obviously catch smaller items. I'll be paying a visit to Kirkams.

Thanks for the ideas.