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CoolHad an article in the outdoors section of the Phoenix paper this morning on float tube fishing. It focuses on some Arizona waters, but some of the input is applicable to other fisheries nationwide. Here's a link to the article.
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Re: [TubeDude] TUBING TIME In reply to
Hey there TubeDude,

Thanks for the heads-up on the nicely done overview article. I was just looking at my Spring 2003 Cabela's cataloge. On pages 88-117 they had a lot of neat stuff for us tubers.

In my BassPro Spring 2003 Master Catalogue, pages 126-127 they had some new stuff for tubers. They showed how Scotty's stuff was mounted on the tube. Ya Know, TubeDude, how bad ideas sometimes get worse! Check it out! On another subject (positive), What's your take on the new Phat Tube (Phat Tube Combo) monster(12-900-084-70) $229.99. Boy it really looks good to me. Think it will give others a run for their money?

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Re: [JapanRon] TUBING TIME In reply to
CoolIt may be too early for the kiddies to be lookin in Christmas catalogs, but fishermen lookin in Cabelas or Bass Pro is legal all year. Hallelujah. We'd all be more insane that we are if we didn't have something to drool over and dream about during non-productive at work.

Hey, that PHAT TUBE sure looks a lot like the "Daytripper" put out by Water Skeeter. It didn't say in the catalog, but the online store for Bass Pro says that the Phat Tube is made by White River. And, it lists for $179 in the online store...not $199, like in the catalog.

I like the altitude...for visibility, line control and splash protection. I'm not sure how I would like to have to move it in breezy conditions. My Kennebec has been bad enough when the wind comes up, and it ain't nearly that high. Man, you could get a nosebleed at that altitude.

I have heard negative input from anglers who found the higher center of gravity a problem when leaning over or forward to control a fish. With the Water Skeeter Daytripper, the foam seats are hard and slippery when wet. That could lead to a "slip slidin' away" problem.

And, at first glance, you would think there would be a lot more flotation. But, the pontoons are the only part of the tube in the water. The air chambers on top are there for armrests and containment. Of course, they also contribute to splash protection.

Unless you do not have fins or a pump, the combo price can be shaved to the tube-only price of $199 (in the catalog). That's the same as the list price for the Daytripper, and is a fair price if the quality is good. It should definitely be a contender, for lots of different kinds of fishing. I will be eager to get some input from anyone who makes the leap of faith and acquires one.

Hey, Kiyo, how about a rundown on the Waterbug. I seem to recall a few of the Baytubers use them. Make any comparisons you can to the Phat Tube.


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Re: [TubeDude] TUBING TIME In reply to
Hey TubeDude,

My brand new catalog had two prices $199 and $229 and only one picture. I suspect the tackle bags make up the difference. Isn't that the usual standard add-on?

On second thought, it is kinda way up there isn't it?! My eyes always race ahead of my brain. Another thing I minimized when I first saw it was all the sneaky angles, corners, creases, and protuberances. I flyfish big time from the tube and saltwater fish seem to consistantly run faster and tangle your line quicker than most freshwater guys.

Also with the ever persistant wind one encounters on large bodies of water, no matter what kind of apron you use, the darn line slack bows and seems to find that corner to hang on. You know the one, the corner you would bet your first born on that it would never hang your line. I could hang up 20 times and never hang on the same angle with this tube. ha ha

Please don't misunderstand, I'm not being mean toward the designer, just making fun of my own casting habits.

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Re: [JapanRon] TUBING TIME In reply to
Cool Hey, JR, when it comes to fly fishing, there is an unwritten but universal law that says that fly line will always seek the slightest possible potential for hang up. If there is some way to hang that line up...either on a cast, or while trying to clear the line on a fish's first run, IT WILL FIND THE PLACE AND GRAB IT.

Most of us know about Murphy's law: "Anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong...and at the worst possible time." When it comes to fly fishing and float tubing, Murphy was an optimist.

Two species of fish that always are good for line tangles and popped flies are bonito and salmon. Even using a stripping basket, to minimize tangled coils, a sprinting bonito can make the whole basket of line jump up and create knots that no boy scout could ever tie. Big fresh run salmon, in the tidewater areas of the northern coast rivers can do the same. Only they can back it up with a lot more weight. I once lost a brand new shooting head, fifty yards of shooting line and two hundred yards of backing on a monster chinook in the lower end of the Smith river.

No, I don't see the Phat critter as a good bet for trouble free fly flogging. I do see it as a good tool for bassin' in fresh water, on small ponds without a lot of wind. It could also be a good craft for slow trolling for trout, or bass, where you needed good flotation for maximum propulsion efficiency.

Doesn't matter what you and I think, though. Again...people buy what they want, as long as they want it more than the money it costs. There's a system for everybody...and somebody for every system. It's kinda like a dating thing. You sometimes wonder how two people find each other and form a match. Same thing with anything to do with fishing. It is unbelievable when you see some of the outlandish systems some anglers put together...and sometimes outfish the so-called experts. Praise be.
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Re: [TubeDude] TUBING TIME In reply to

It looks exactly like the Water Skeeter "Day Tripper"!! Only the colors are different. Maybe Water Skeeter didn't have a patent on it? How does that work JapanRon?

Anyways, I have a product review on my website and I'll just past it onto here for the "Day Tripper"


Model #FB2700 (M-3) Patent pending
*420 nylon pontoons triple stitched with adjustable nylon web straps 57"X14".
*2-tier 420D nylon covered top section with head rest (2) PVC Bladders. Attaches with Velcro fasteners and straps to pontoon.
*Almost 5ft wide and over 3ft high
*420D nylon dual zippered storage compartments
*Boston valves
*Additional 420D side storage compartment with zipper.
*Thick EPE foam seat pad in zippered seat compartment.
*Big 14" diameter nylon covered pontoons with PVC bladders
*240D nylon backpack with shoulder straps
*Heavy duty materials
*Aquaseat repair kit 1/4 oz.

To order or for parts and service call:
The Original Water Skeeter
7510 Shoreline Drive, Suite A10
Stockton, Ca. 95219


I have to give this tube a low rating because of all negatives. Here they are below.
1. Too high
2. It's like a rocking chair (DON'T LEAN TOO FAR FORWARD BECAUSE YOU WILL TIP!) Been there, done that.
3. Foam seat is uncomfortable if fishing for awhile.
4. Velcro straps on the inside of the tube rubs on your waders while you kick. (quick holes in your waders if you don't cover them up somehow).
5. Storage pockets zippers seems like they should go the other way. Can easily loose tackle or items when you open the zipper.
6. Very heavy for a float tube.
7. When you exit the water, you have to drain the water from the seat or you will be walking with about a half gallon of water in there. Don't forget to drain it out if you put it in your car!
8. In windy conditions, FORGET ABOUT IT! Talk about a fast tube, wait till the wind hits it!
9. If a pontoon goes flat, you really tilt to one side a lot! Kind of scary and uncomfortable.

I rate this Water Skeeter Day Tripper a low 5 in my books.


1. If there is no wind, you can kick around pretty fast.
2. In choppy waters where there are whitecaps, you don't get as wet because you are high. Sometimes in the Nav.II I'll get a little wet on the arms and back from whitecaps.
3. Boston Valves for quick release of air and quick inflation.


You can find them on sale at times for around $99.99. I think the regular price is around $140.00-199.99.

I do not recommend this Float tube!
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Re: [Baytuber] TUBING TIME In reply to
CoolThanks, Kiyo. Good thorough report. On the patent thing, I suspect that since these are made "offshore", there may be one manufacturer selling a similar design to more than one outlet. Then, again, some of the patent laws are lax enough that even a minor design difference can qualify a similar item to be considered NOT a patent infringement. At any rate, I think you probably discouraged most serious shoppers from climbing aboard the Daytripper...or its lookalike Phat Tube.

Do you have a rating on the Outcast Super Fat Cat? I just got mine and will be setting it up this weekend, with rod racks and sonar. I'll shoot some pics when it's all put together, and post 'em up. One new innovation this year that appeals to me is the air chamber seat and backrest. That makes for adjustable comfort and eliminates the aforementioned soaking up of water with the foam seats.

Are you getting on the water this weekend? If so, let us know where you go and how you do. GOOD LUCK.

We are loving the rain over here, but it is one front after another going through right now. That messes up the fish and makes for too much "surfing" for my tastes. But, if we can get some more water in the reservoirs, I can wait a week or two. Mid March is about when everything starts to break loose here anyway.
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Re: [Baytuber] TUBING TIME In reply to
Hi there Kiyo and TubeDude,

It's interesting that most of the so-called innovations on float tubes have to do with with various snaps, brackets, docking schemes, and granted, also more importantly on manufacturing processes. You can have a whole line of different products and if one thing has a patent you can proudly display 'Patent Pending', etc. in your advertising! The first float tubes were sold without patent protection so that blows the general function/design claim. IT'S FUNCTION NOT DESIGN IN THE END........unlike trademarks and copyrights which deal with both phyiscal and conceptual properties.

Water Skeeter, Wood-Stream, Caddis, etc. all have patents on that other than in the overall exterior image/design.

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Re: [Baytuber] TUBING TIME In reply to
Hey there Kiyo and TubeDude,

I saw in WON that the 'Day Tripper' tube will be at the Fred Hall show. Maybe I should take my fins and PFD and ask them to let me try it out in the kiddie trout fishing pond/swimming pool. Good practice for me trying to dodge all the hooks and sinkers from those you-know-whats that are jealous of you out in the water and try to hit you from the banks if they get a chance.

I know from experience the casting pool is too shallow for a real workout of the tube.

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Re: [JapanRon] TUBING TIME In reply to
Hi there JapanRon,

LaughLaughLaughLaugh I can just see you now!! Wait a minute! I still don't know what you look like!!!Smile We need a picture of you stranger!!!
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Re: [TubeDude] TUBING TIME In reply to
LaughLaughLaughLaughLaugh Oh my god!!!! I went to go check out your fat cat by outcast and look what page came up!!!LaughLaugh

Have fun TubeDude!!!Laugh

please dont post any thing you would not want your children 9-15 to see.

there are a large number of youths that visit and post on these boards.
(This post was edited by davetclown on Mar 4, 2003, 4:21 AM)
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Re: [Baytuber] TUBING TIME In reply to
CoolSome kids just shouldn't be allowed to play on the Internet. That's OUTCAST...not OUTCASTS. Thanks for the great new link.
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Re: [Baytuber] TUBING TIME In reply to
Hey there Kiyo,

Been there and done that! ha ha When I was a teacher's assistant for a few semesters I helped out the teacher for Internet in the Adult Program. There were a lot of seniors in the class. I thought my Emergency First Responder training was gonna come in handy a couple of times when someone did a simple keyin mistake. ha ha ha

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Re: [Baytuber] TUBING TIME In reply to
Sorry guys! I didn't click thru that website. I had seen enough!Shocked I see that every week when I float tube in Long Beach.LaughLaugh