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Thursday tubin' and toonin'

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Thursday tubin' and toonin'
CoolHad a trip planned all week to hit Starvation with LloydE, Hnaf and his bro-in-law Jason. Mama Nature musta been heavily medicated or simply missed our planning session 'cause she really blew a good opportunity. Calm, clear and warm. Yeah.

Speaking of missing, Lloyd and I barely missed having venison for breakfast. Too close. I hate it when that happens. But hate it even worse if the deer joins me in the front seat.

We were all launched on calm waters...64 degrees at about 7 AM. Lloyd was first away and quickly took care of the first fish jinx...dink perch. First of many for all of us. He said he didn't believe in jinxes and ended up catching the two biggest perch of the day...and one walleye. Total of about six keeper perch.

Brian and Jason stuck close together since it was Jason's first time on Starvy. A big ol' brown gave him a dandy welcome. Beat him up, handcuffed him and broke of his jig. While he was fighting the brute he plaintively asked over the walkie talkie what to do if the fish was too big for the net. Of course he got a lot of silly responses. So, he just broke the fish off so he didn't have to deal with it.

Lloyd had a similar experience with a big high flying rainbow...which also arranged an early release.

I had two fish stories. One was catching a perch that had both jigs of my tandem rig in it's mouth. See the picture. Not doctored. it's real. The second REAL adventure happened within minutes of the first. I had a heavy surge after dropping my tandem rig right straight back down to the bottom. It fought like a big catfish. No way I thought. I was right. It turned out to be TWO walleyes. First time I have ever hooked two walleyes on a tandem rig. But...the rest of the story. The fish on the bottom jig was about 3 times as big as the 17 incher on the top. (yeah, right). As soon as I could see it, it saw me and powered downward. The blood knot on my tandem rig was not up to the challenge and let go. But I still netted the smaller fish. Got proof of that one.

Oh yeah. I got the UGLY award for the day. Caught a couple of dinochubs. Both were covered with open sores from the recent spawning activities but one had a huge tumor on it's right side. YUGLY.

We covered a lot of water today in our perch search. Fished everything from less than 20 feet out to 43 feet. About mid morning I found some larger perch in an area 28 to 30 feet deep and put a few in my basket...while releasing a gazillion dinksters. Went through a lot of crawlers. Then that shut down and I couldn't find any more worthy specimens. About that time Lloyd announced that he had just caught a couple of toads from 36 feet of water. So I moved deeper. I did catch a few more in water over 30 feet deep but still had to wade through a lot of bitty biters to get the occasional rod bender.

Brian and Jason also caught a grundle of little perch but only scored one larger one apiece. But I think Jason was happy with his first trip on Starvy. I'm betting he will return.

Like the rest of us, Lloyd had to work his way through a lot of dinks (and worms) to score a few larger perch. But he ended up with six HEFTY perch and a 13 inch walleye. Knowing Lloyd he would mention the walleye first and the perch as an afterthought. His two biggest perch were 13 and 14 inchers. Respectable.
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Re: [TubeDude] Thursday tubin' and toonin' In reply to
Sounds like a fun day on the water.Cool

Fishing and trains...what else is there? BASEBALL.......