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Davy Knot made easy.

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Davy Knot made easy.
Here's the Davy Knot tied using a hackle pliers. I found this on the Orvis teaching videos. If the link I put here isn't allowed, it's in their fly tying section under Tying Techniques.

It's easy to tie using the hackle pliers. So far I have little experience with the knot, but I've found that the Davy Knot with the extra turn added holds better than the clinch knot.

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Re: [harryhh] Davy Knot made easy. In reply to
Good video.

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Re: [harryhh] Davy Knot made easy. In reply to
I have never been able to get consistent strong Davy knots. When I have done knot strength testing a good share of the the time it would slip. But the video explains how to potentially avoid the the slipping. One of these days I will have to try some more testing to see if that fixes my issue.

For that reason I have always used the Orvis Knot which is a little more complicated but is also a very small knot. I get very consistent results with it plus my knot testing has proven it to be a very strong knot.

I like the use of the electrical test clip. I always have one of those attached to a zinger on my vest to hold size 20 and smaller flies while changing flies or tippet.

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