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At The Table

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At The Table
I know like me, you all probably tie flies all year long, but winter time I like to really get caught up on the standards.
I have tried everything to get my materials organized and right now I am getting closeTongue

I have two fly tying stations (the wooden work tables) and rubbermaid drawers stacked to the ceiling full of materials. I also tie on the kitchen table for now and I am working on setting up a corner of the guest room with DVD player and book holder.

What do you folks use and what kind of a work station do you use?

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Re: [flygoddess] At The Table In reply to
I have a small work station in my basement. Right next to the bass players stack LOL. I have it some what organized, but I have found that if I have to take a little time to look for some thing, my flies turn out a little better than if I just whip them out. I have my books, a computer, and a mini fridge with some cold beer in it (Strictly for medicinal purposes.) I am no master at tying, but do it as a relaxing hobby so I have some thing to sling at fish. People who use it as part of their job might need to be a little more organized, so I'm glad it is just my hobby. Tony
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Re: [riverpilot69] At The Table In reply to
Since I only flyfish occassionally, my set up is primarily a box I can take with me to produce flys on the go while I'm out fishing, but I do have an area in my basement where I have a dresser filled to the gills with fly tieing stuff and another one filled with collateral dressing materials that I not only use for flys but for jigs and other types of baits that I modify.

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Re: [flygoddess] At The Table In reply to
I use the dinette table for all of my tying. I have rubber maid and plano boxes with my materials fairly well organized in them. The dinette is always cuttered with tying materials. It takes me over an hour to clean the table off. Then it is all cluttered with fly tying materials within a week.

My wife never complains about the materials on the dinette...... Oh, yeah..... She is long gone.

No DVD player but I do print patterns from the internet that I want to tie. But I like that idea of watching a movie while I tie. Not much of interest on TV.

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