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Fly-Fishing for pike & musky

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Fly-Fishing for pike & musky
I've been asked to post about more details about this exciting sport, so here it is

The photo on my profile was taken at Big Sand Lake, Manitoba in 08 - 43" and 22#. I'm attaching one of releasing a 43" fish at Kesagami Lake, Ontario in 07. Also a 42" musky from Lake of the Woods, Ontario in 08. All taken on red/white marabou streamers. I've also attached a photo plate of my favoirite flies from the back cover of my book.

Basically, I'll catch at least 3 pike on flies for every 2 a guy get on hardware, and I usually get bigger fish. I took 2 IGFA records on Reindeer Lake in the 90's, 26# 1 oz on 20# tippet, and 26# 13 oz. on 12# tippet, but I can't find photos of those. Both also taken on R/W marabou. The patterns are in my book.

I also caught more musky and had more follows on flies at Lake of the Woods than the hardware guy. See my web site for more about me and my book, Toothy Critters Love Flies. My friend, Ken (an inexperienced fly-fisher), took a 45" musky on L of the W in 09 on the same marabou, just fishing musky for a 1/2 day.

Fell free to write with any questions.
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Re: [PikeFlyGuy] Fly-Fishing for pike & musky In reply to
those are some awesome looking fish and flies.. thank you for posting this...

off the wall question.. would the flies that you use for pike in Canada also work well for pike fly fishing in Ireland?

MacFly Cool

...."May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it. ~Irish Blessing"
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Re: [PikeFlyGuy] Fly-Fishing for pike & musky In reply to

Awesome catch PikeFlyGuy.

There is no greater fan of fly fishing than the worm!

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Re: [macfly55] Fly-Fishing for pike & musky In reply to
The Marabou streamers will work anywhere. Their advantage is they are constantly breathing and dancing, even at slow speed. Can't tell you how many good pike I've caught with the fly just dangling in the water while I'm stripping off line for a cast. I'm also a big advocate of large eyes, which studies show are positive strike-triggers. The flashabou fly is also an excellent pattern. I'm not trying to be commercial here, but if you're interested in Pike on the fly, you should buy my book.

Sorry PikeFlyGuy but this site is not about promoting your's or anyone elses books or products. The exception to the rule are Mods and those who pay for the rights to do so.
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