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Fly fishing crappie

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Fly fishing crappie
I wanna try to catch some crappie fly fishing this year. What are people's favorite flies to fish for crappie? What tactics do you use? Any tips in general? Please post fly pics if you got them. Thanks for the help
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Re: [bmaher287] Fly fishing crappie In reply to
Where will you be fishing? Are you fishing streams or lakes?

The last time I went crappie/sun fish fishing I in Middle TN in the summer I used small ants in black, black/red, and red.. also use small scuds patterns and terrestials in particular a sparkling green beetle in a size 10 or 12.. that one was a killer.. also found smaller (14/16/18) beadhead nymphs like the hares ear work well.. have also caught a few on 14/16/18 renegades...


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