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Assuming most of you go to other forums (for kicks or whatever), what do you like or hate about Fishing Forums?

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Re: [flygoddess] Forums In reply to
I hate all the mis-spelled words and incomplete sentences I leave on the forum. My proof reading apparently creates a big sucking sound. I was a good speller until spell checkers came along then I became real bad.

I hate all the advertisements, flash, etc slowing the download on my dial up connection.

I like the access to people with lots of good information on fishing.

I like to laugh at the oppinions of oppinionated people on posts about knots, etiquette, catch and release and such. It is fun to help them get onto a rant.

I like the sense of humor of a lot of the posters.

I like people telling all the details of where to fish. I hate people telling all the details of where to fish because it draws a crowd.

I like the fish porn pictures but hate looking at them because it takes a long time to download them.

I like the none fish porn pictures too. On one of these forums one time there was a picture of this wild good looking cowgirl standing on a bar playing a bass. A girl that loves to fish and loves live music - what a deal. Then I figured out she was married. Just as well. I don't think she was rich anyways.


disinfect your wading equipment. wash boat. disinfect livewells / sumps, wash ur dog
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Re: [flygoddess] Forums In reply to
I like getting my daily dose of fishing even if I cant hit the water....

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [Scruffy_Fly] Forums In reply to
UnsureWhat do I like?
I like to see where the poster is located. The state is good enough.
Picture of the lure's are good.
The humorusly told tale of the trip.
Info on where to get maps.
Tips on good resorts and shops.
Fishing tip questions we can all contribute to.
Pictures are OK, if they point up something interesting or new.

MadWhat I dont like?
The bad talk. Bad mouth.
Hijacking the thread.
Impolite or rude behavior.
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Re: [flygoddess] Forums In reply to
I like pictures, lots of 'em.

I like photo essays where a fisherman/fisherwoman shares the gist of his/her trip in words and pics.

I like sharing specialized info with others who don't live in my area. Cool

I like posters. I won't say I don't like lurkers but I wish more of them would post.

I don't like people telling the exact location of their fishing spots unless they are obviously overrun with people already.

I don't like flamers.

I don't like ads inserted into posts. (I don't mind them around the edges of the page though.

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