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Snake River Fine Spotted Cutts

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Snake River Fine Spotted Cutts
They may all be Yellowstone Cutthroats and have the same DNA, but I can't get over how different the fine spotted look from the large spotted. Most of the fine spotted cutthroats that I have caught have been somewhere in the upper Snake River or one of its tributaries.

I was on a tributary of a tributary, and they were sure fun. They were hitting my dry flies like a donut at weight watchers! Here are a few pictures from the day.

The majority of the fish were 8-10 inches.

The stream was a fairly small one, clear and full, but not runoff full. I suspect that on regular water years by Aug it is probably half this size. It was a good fun size for today.

And now some of the fish porn:

One of the large ones for the day! Another one that was about this size had me scrambling to find him as I didn't know he was along for the ride when I started to backcast, and he landed in the grass behind me.... Good thing he flopped around a bunch, or I never would have found him!!

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Re: [cpierce] Snake River Fine Spotted Cutts In reply to
Great report.. and love the fish porn... looks like a great day on the water... :-)

MacFly Cool

...."May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it. ~Irish Blessing"