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middle provo again

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middle provo again
Got to travel up to middle provo again a couple of days ago...

Weather was perfect. I got there around 11:00 am and started nymphing. No luck. Around noon a midge hatch got really strong and I could see a few fish rising. Nothing fast, just some occasional takers. I took my time and got my dry fly outfit ready to go. I started with a black spent midge. Just a couple of I changed to a black emerger size 20 and Bingo....started to catching some fish. I ended up touching 14 and missing a few more and saw a few refusals. All fish were browns and ranged between 11 and 16 inches...all were relaeased.
I think I would have done better if I would have had with me a grey emerger. That seemed to be the color of what was on the water.
Before I Ieft there were some buffalo midges coming out and they looked to be around a size 18.
But some of the browns were so pretty with the round red dots and a halo around the red dot. Just beautiful and in good shape...

If you get a chance....make sure you have emergers in a couple of olive, dark tan , grey and black. One of them should produce fish ....
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Re: [cast-tothe-left] middle provo again In reply to
Thanks for the great report. Gonna try to hit there this week, but never know what is going to pop up.
The bugs should be getting a little bigger.