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Looking for Beginner Rod/reel Combo

Allen Fly Fishing
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Looking for Beginner Rod/reel Combo
So if you had under $200 to spend on a rod/reel combo, which would you choose and why. I'm mostly looking to fish trout, and on a lake from a tube. Although I will also be hitting from rivers/streams from time to time. I've narrowed my search down to a 9' 5WT. Obviously I want the best bang for the buck... Local stores are selling Redingtons, Ross, Temple Fork, etc. I've never picked up a fly rod before so. Hoping to get some insight of you folks that have tired out some setups out there and which ones you liked the best!

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Re: [SatanLBZ801] Looking for Beginner Rod/reel Combo In reply to
Any of those. But, you need to figure out if you like fast action, medium action or full action. Can you cast these rods?
You can pick up a inexpensive reel fairly easy, but for stillwater, you want to get one that you can buy spare spools for. Get a good line though, it can be all the difference in the world. Better lines don't have memory problems either.

Bad thing is, you say from a tube which means Stillwater. That also means sinking lines as well to truly cover a lake. And lines run around $60. and up.

You can do it with say a SA set up, but they can be a hard lesson.

I recommend a good feeling rod, a reel with a good drag and a GOOD line, because seriously, if you put a cheap line on a top of the line rod, it is going to cast like crap, but if you put a good line on a broom stick, you will be able to cast it.

I love this one

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Re: [flygoddess] Looking for Beginner Rod/reel Combo In reply to
I've honestly never picked up a fly rod before in my life so. I do pick stuff up extremely easily, especially when it's something I have a passion for. I know I have a LOT to learn.

As far as action, I might need an explanation of each and kinda figure which I would throw myself in. I'm definitely interested in "sinking" lines/deep nymphing. You are actually the one the got me wanting to it as well, so thank you ;).

I walked into Fish Tech Outfitters and spoke to Nate, I believe his name was, trying to sell me a Redington Pursuit, but I not completely sold on the reel being out of composition rather then Aluminum. Solid, sturdy! Every rod I pick up pretty much feels just like the other. without actually getting them on the water, not much I can tell from each one other then cosmetics.

I'm almost thinking about spending a little more money and pulling the trigger on this puppy:

Any opinions on the Rod, Reel, and or line?
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Re: [SatanLBZ801] Looking for Beginner Rod/reel Combo In reply to
First let me say, Nate is very good at what he does and been around forever...great guy.

Now, on to the choice...I do have the Professional series, if you ever want to try it out, give a shout and I can meet you at a pond or something.
It is a medium action rod. This is a good thing, because it will force you to slow down your cast a little and get the feel for the line loading.
As for the reel, great! House brand, should be easy to get spare spools. The Line is a good choice. The GPX is 1/2 line heavier and it loads beautifully. I love that stuff.

Warranty on all is the best. Mind you, I don't work for Cabela's and would encourage dealing with the smaller company like Fish Tech. Drop this on them and see if they can match.

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Re: [SatanLBZ801] Looking for Beginner Rod/reel Combo In reply to
I agree with all the FG said.. especially tring to keep it to the local fly shop since they would carry most name brands anyway.... plus you get the hands on and one on one service that will help you make the right choice...


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