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Mobile App

Allen Fly Fishing
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Mobile App
Hi, everyone,

I hope you will indulge me a little bit. I am a student at BYU and we are working on a project for fly fisherman. It is a mobile app for getting fishing reports on rivers in Utah. We have a prototype app that you can check out at:

Please take a look at it and leave some feedback here. We would really love to know what you like, what you don't like, what features you think it should have, what you might be willing to pay for an app like that (especially if you could get instant notifications of new reports, conditions, etc.).

Thanks so much,

Sounds like a good idea Keith, however clicking your link asks for a user ID and pass word. Sorry but as a newbie you cannot provide clickable links to another site.
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Re: [kmcqueen] Mobile App In reply to
Heh, of all the random places to see this. I'm also at BYU, but I didn't find this on the Utah boards... funny coincidence.

For the record, I would definitely pay for an app that had instant updates and reports.