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Bait Finesse System

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Bait Finesse System
How much do you know about Bait Finesse System? Do you own a BFS reel, for trout/bass/pan/walleye fishing?
I was wondering why trout fishermen donít use BFS reels since itís difficult to start fly fishing. Lol
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Re: [IKfish] Bait Finesse System In reply to
Absolutely nothing, I do not know anything about this, but I am not a "trout fisherman" I am a rough fisher. There is a saying that I am unable to credit origin to:
"Trout fisherman look at the world through a drinking straw."
I truly believe that these words ring true and not just trout fisherman, but anyone who targets any one specie to the exclusion of all others - you are really missing out.

So what is a Bait Finesse System, if I may ask.

One fish at a time...